On Page SEO Tips

We asked a Phoenix SEO company for some on page SEO tips and they blew us away. Here are a few simple steps to follow, from Voxy Marketing, to make sure your web site stays on page one after you throw the change. The problem, from a Search engine optimization viewpoint, is that this exercise has resulted in vague and repetitive CTAs on several homepages. Before you litter your page with More Information or View details links, consider providing more context. Learn about diamond buying is an even more descriptive link that simply Learn more. What you say in your links issues and how many links you’ve also matters. Every link on the page reduces the possible link equity that may be spread to key pages.

One way to mitigate this is in order to avoid over linking to pages which are unimportant for SEO. For instance, multiple policy pages can frequently be combined into one page. Another way is to be persistent in relegating lessor links to your sitemap. Every page must have only one h1 or header tag and it ought to be particular to the page. A page called way to purchase a diamond is more useful than way to purchase. This gives search engines more info about your pages. In case your page name is rooted in critical business jargon consider laypoints with lay person language to attract both neophytes and initiates.

Since the sitemap has a large amount of links on it through your site, you might also differentiate how you list the links and maintain the more essential ones near the top. Search engines prefer to not send people straight to Portable Document Format pages. You may still have this content available in Portable Document Format format for easy off-line reading, but by integrating it to the page you greatly expand your distinctive content footprint. If others link to the page, vs. Bypassing it and linking directly to the Portable Document Format, you enhance the website overall link ranking. When utilizing PDFs as lead generation bait, common on Business-to-business sites selling pricey software and providers, attempt integrating a strong sampling of this content into your page body.

Redesigns frequently entail shifts in content strategy and info architecture. Some long forgotten pages could be functioning as squeeze pages and generating valuable organic traffic. Make certain these pages keep a presence in your sitemap therefore search engines may continue to find them. Some of these pages might not just be generating traffic, they could be driving real business results. Consider elevating these pages, not only retaining them. While domain decisions are usually the province of IT, you’ll find very real marketing and Search engine optimization things to consider.

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