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Josh Schellenberg Published: 01 September 2009 12:04 AM MDTPosted in: Demand Response, Distributed Generation, Electric Vehicles, Energy EfficiencyTags: Demand Response, Distributed Generation, Electric Vehicles, Energy Efficiency

When friends and family ask me what I do for a living, I have trouble explaining.  Even my fiancé Jerlin (above on the left) doesn’t completely understand what I do.

“I do demand side energy research,”  I usually say.  This explanation is frequently followed by a puzzled look.  “Demand side, what’s that?”

This website was made to answer that question.  Although most of the articles are written for a general audience, industry professionals may also find them interesting.

Since Jerlin and I have a lot of wedding planning to do, the EnergyDSM.com plan is relaxed for now.  I will be writing 2 or 3 short articles every other month.  Please subscribe to the bi-monthly newsletter if you would like to receive notice of new articles.

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