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Welcome to EnergyDSM.com! (Part 2)


Josh Schellenberg Published: 01 November 2009 12:01 AM UTCPosted in: Demand Response, Electric Vehicles, Energy EfficiencyTags: Demand Response, Electric Vehicles, Energy Efficiency

This is a continuation of Part 1 of Welcome to EnergyDSM.com!

After two months in operation, EnergyDSM.com has been going even better than I had hoped. The feedback from family and friends has been priceless. I always wanted this website to reach beyond my community though. To my surprise, EnergyDSM.com expanded its reach much more quickly than I expected.

Thanks to the members of my favorite energy-related LinkedIn groups, the interaction between readers and EnergyDSM.com has reached a new level. By posting articles on these group pages on LinkedIn, I was fortunate enough to receive input from other professionals in the energy industry. These readers took the conversation in the comments section to a new level and we all learned a lot from it. Thank you very much for your insightful comments. I really appreciate it.

With this encouraging experience, I have begun to consider writing more frequently. However, since I am getting married in December, this change will have to wait until next year. My fiance would be quite angry with me if I was working on articles while we put the final wedding plans together. For now, I have posted two other articles for November and December. Let’s keep the conversation going and keep learning from each other.  Thank you all for the encouragement.

Please visit Part 1 of this article for more information on why EnergyDSM.com was created.