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Electric Vehicle Reaches 100,000 Miles | Electric Vehicles

Check out this video that shows an all-electric Toyota RAV4 EV reaching 100,000 miles:

According to the PlugInAmerica.org newsletter that informed me about this video:

“Doug and Lisa’s trusty 2003 RAV reached the notable milestone in March. Back in 2003, their RAV was the last EV sold from Toyota of Hollywood’s lot and possibly the very last retail RAV4 EV delivered. The car has been driven at least 14,000 miles annually since that sunny September day, often hitting the road bright and early for the 80-mile round-trip commute from the couple’s home in Seal Beach to Energy Efficiency Solar / Acro in Pomona. This electric workhorse of an SUV, charged with electricity generated by their own solar array, also earns its keep hauling ladders, miscellaneous equipment and solar panels.

Doug proudly proclaims that the RAV’s record-mileage on a single charge was an impressive 138 miles. ‘I really like driving on energy I make myself,’ he says.

Adds Lisa, who also fancies driving on sunshine: ‘I was initially surprised by how completely the car fit into our lives. It is environmental, it’s economical, and it’s family friendly. Our RAV4 EV is like the energizer bunny. It just keeps going and going and going . . . ‘”

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