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How to Start Your Energy Job Search | Jobs

Ever since I started working in the energy industry, people have increasingly been asking me how to get a job in the field.  Although there are many energy companies to work for, I always recommend one type of company to get the job search started.  Here are a few hints to see if you can guess:

  • We are all customers of one of these companies
  • These companies are located everywhere
  • They never go out of business
  • They offer good job security

Sounds like a dream job during this recession, doesn’t it?  That said, not many people think of working for a utility company when they start their energy job search.  We all buy electricity from a utility that is nearby, but we rarely think of working for one.

Anyone that is looking to get started in the energy industry should consider working for a utility.  In addition to job security, utilities offer a great window into the industry.  Utility employees work with everyone from government regulators to energy services companies to energy consultants.  With this perspective, you can decide whether you would like to make it a career with the job you have or eventually move on to another part of the energy industry.

If you decide to eventually move on to another part of the energy industry, having that utility experience is really valuable.  Many consulting firms and energy services companies are filled with former utility employees.

Finally, you can decide where you want to live, and then look for a job in that area.  There will most likely be a utility nearby.  When it comes to deciding where to live, we all have a preference, but most of us end up moving to where our job is located.  Utilities are located everywhere, which allows you to choose where you want to live.

For a state-by-state listing of utility companies in the United States, click here. There are many other lists and maps online for each state and many countries.  Just do a quick online search and you’ll find a listing of the utility companies in your geographical area of interest.

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