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How to Submit an Article to EnergyDSM.com

  1. Go to the registration page
  2. Check your email account for password and log in here
  3. Click “Profile” and fill out:
    • “First Name”
    • “Last name”
    • “Display name publically as” (Please do “First Name” then “Last Name”)
    • “Website” (if you have one)
    • “Biographical Info” (For the “About the Author” section below posts: 25-40 words)
    • “New Password”
  4. Click “Posts”
  5. Click “Add New”
  6. Click “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink” (Two icons to the right of spell check icon)
  7. Click “Paste from Word”
  8. Copy and paste article from Word then click “Insert”
  9. Add title (at the top)
  10. Click “Preview” to see how it looks
  11. When complete, click “Submit for Review”
  12. Send an email to josh@energydsm.com with the image you would like for the slideshow on the home page (Must be around 700 x 300 pixels)

How to Add an Image to Profile

  1. Go to Gravatar.com
  2. Add email address to sign up
  3. Activate Gravatar account from your email account
  4. Create user name and password
  5. Change image and save it