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What is EnergyDSM.com?

This website was created so people can come discuss and learn about energy demand side management.  EnergyDSM.com was created by Josh Schellenberg.  He is a Consultant at Freeman, Sullivan & Co. in San Francisco. To contact Josh directly, feel free to send him an email at josh@energydsm.com. The opinions and views expressed at EnergyDSM.com do not represent those of Freeman, Sullivan & Co.

Mr. Schellenberg has been instrumental in developing load impact evaluations for demand response programs at multiple utilities.  For two consecutive years, he evaluated California’s Base Interruptible Program, which is one of the largest demand response resources in the United States with nearly 1 GW of load reduction capacity.  Mr. Schellenberg also played a key role in developing ex-post and ex-ante load impact estimates for San Diego Gas and Electric Co.’s air conditioning load control program.  His other demand response work includes the evaluation of Ontario Power Authority’s DR-3 program for two consecutive years and support work on load impact estimation for various Southern California Edison programs.

For an important Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study on value of service reliability, Mr. Schellenberg worked on estimating an econometric model of outage costs for residential and C&I customers across the United States.  Mr. Schellenberg has taken the lead on building this econometric model into a calculator that utilities can use to assess the value associated with their reliability investments.

Mr. Schellenberg has also been a part of FSC’s electric vehicle market research.  For a large West Coast utility’s electric vehicle research efforts, he assisted with focus groups and survey design.  Mr. Schellenberg’s analysis of these focus groups and surveys was used to help design the utility’s electric vehicle rates and incentive programs.

Mr. Schellenberg holds an M.A. in economics from the University of San Francisco and a B.A. in economics from the University of Connecticut.